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Paula Marcondes de Souza (b.1969, is a native of Sao Paulo, Brazil.


Paula’s creative work is inspired by light and the human spirit, which she explores when painting through the fluidity, texture and colors of acrylic paint, and in photography by framing the chaise of life through an orderly perspective, while ensuring the story remains true.


Paula has called Singapore home for most of the 28 years she has resided abroad. She has also lived in Hong Kong and in Seoul, South Korea. She was taught oil painting techniques at LaSalle Singapore and acrylic painting techniques and an appreciation for abstract art from artist Patricia Cabaleiro.

This is my attempt to put into words the relationship between myself and my creations, to add to the experience of those who view it and, ultimately, to refine my understanding of the process I go through, stepping back, evaluating, and writing about it.

Light and the human spirit are the broad themes which inspire me. The creative process is a journey through anxiety, sadness, stagnation, that guided by curiosity, lead to spontaneous delight and hope.

My work is about capturing and depicting the light I see - the light from within on linen and the light from without on film. Light helps me see my thoughts, accept my fate, seek consolation and learn from this chaotic and wonderful world.

My goal as an artist is to inspire viewers to look again, mindfully. Often the intended story is different from the perceived one, and both can always be explored through new and surprising angles. I prefer painting and exhibiting my paintings on the floor so they can be viewed from angles other than the up’right’ one.

The themes that inspire me are so vast, I prefer working with large format canvases which gives me space to play with movement and textures and allows me to make “mistakes” which when exposed to “light” narrate the intended story.

My work is not meant to be fine art, or to serve as a thermometer of human society or to be regarded as sacred artistic creation. It simply represents insights captured on linen and on film at a moment in time. More than creation, my work is about destruction - editing, erasing and building on unfinished layers which reflect glimpses of our capacity for love, forgiveness, faith and courage.

- Paula Marcondes de Souza


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