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"Paula’s paintings are, in a word, ethereal.   She combines form and colour in collages of airy movement unlike any work of visual art I’ve ever seen.  Her large canvases rivet the eye and are breathtaking to behold.  She captures the meaning of the word ‘joy’ intuitively. I feel privileged to display a work by her in my home."

“In my mind, Paula’s paintings capture a unique modern abstract aesthetic bound together with personal aspects - the pieces I own have been crafted in a way that weave metaphorical colours, shapes, symbols & anatomy specific to my life - breathtaking.”


“Inspired by Paula’s artwork, I commissioned a painting.  She asked what colours I would like and I mentioned black, white, grey and a splash of yellow.  What I got was amazing, done with love, called ‘A Heart’s Web’.  Along with the colours I asked for, she added these striking splashes of pink.  Words can’t describe juxtaposition between the colours, the empty spaces, the secret messages and the webbed heart embedded in the layers.  I can look at the painting for hours and feel the essence and raw energy.” 


“Paula’s work is extremely delicate and light in a way that seems not to be of this world – somewhat ethereal.  It really blows me away and I am lost in the painting for hours.  I have 2 personalised works from her both with BIG meaning for me in my life.  Even passing by her works I am reminded of this on a day to day basis.  Everything part of her painting has a meaning.  I have a lot of art from all around the world but Paula’s work is really something very special.  Go for her big paintings – they are bold and stunning in any space – and I simply love the colours and textures. I have put them in an old style and contemporary style house and they look great wherever.”

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