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The entire ARCTIC TRAILS and WILLIAMSBURG SESSIONS series are available as limited edition, titled, numbered and signed prints which come with a Certificate of Authenticity.


Each series tells a different story:

                      ARTIC TRAILS  (create link to shopping page for this series)                         

                      WILLIAMSBURG SESSIONS  (create link to shopping page for this series)   

The prints - using 310gsm museum art paper - can stand alone as feature points, or be displayed in pairs or clusters to tell richer visual stories that you curate combining similar or opposing themes, light or dark contrasts and warm or cold hues.


Each print series is offered in six different sizes: S, M & L for square prints, and S, L & XL for rectangular prints.


The prints have been sized specifically to fit with common and readily available framing sizes, making it usually possible to purchase a frame directly from your local furniture or design store.


Custom framing is recommended for the extra-large prints.


All sizes include a 2 inches = 5 cm border.




S      16x16in      41x41cm       Edition of 100     US$ 80    

M     20x20in      51x51cm       Edition of 50       US$ 120

L      24x24in      61x61cm       Edition of 25       US$ 200


S       13x17in     33x43cm       Edition of 100      US$ 80

M      17x21in    43x53cm        Edition of 50        US$ 120

L        21x29in    53x63cm       Edition of 25        US$ 200

XL      25x37in    64x94cm       Edition of 10        US$ 300

XXL   39x55in    100x140cm   Edition of 5          US$ 800


Additional sizes as well as framing options are available upon request.


The prints will be sent either in specialised mailing tubes or in crushproof packaging.


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